Santa Fe is an HTML 5 design, built from the ground up as a cutting edge design with scalable image design features.

Featuring large dynamic thumbnails which expand to full-screen images, Santa Fe is fun and easy-to-use. Try changing the width of your browser while on a gallery page to see the thumbnails dynamically reflow on the screen - you'll see a very nice dynamic look-and-feel here.

With a built-in search engine, your visitors can easily search through your images and easily make purchases or contact you directly. Try searching for fashion - you'll see the results come up quickly in the content area of the page.

With an optional hidden navigational display, a mobile-style navigational button will appear on the top left of the pages, with your logo appearing in the center. To access these options, click on the "Choose Color Theme" button for Santa Fe. 

With this example, we have uploaded images at 1,920 pixels wide by 1,200 pixels high. We use the "Raleway" web font - 14 points for the navigational menus, 16 points for the text pages and 24 points for the top logo. The page text is set to a line height of "+1".